The Live Well Practice provides gentle, safe and effective therapies to help free you from patterns / habits that are holding you back.

About The Live Well Practice

My name is Samantha Culshaw-Robinson and I have worked in the field of motivation and wellbeing since 1987.

Among other things I am:

  • An NHS trained mindfulness coach
  • A registered hypnotherapist
  • One of Nottingham’s top 3 hypnotherapists

I founded The Live Well Practice to help people like you with issues such as:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Managing weight
  • Rapid Pain Elimination
  • Stress and anxiety

I also founded Work Well Practice to provide courses, training and workshops to commercial and corporate clients.

In addition to helping others, I have successfully navigated my own weight loss journey.

Let me use my knowledge and expertise to help you too.

Warmest regards,


Special Lockdown Freebie

I have made my “Lose Your Lockdown Lbs” eGuide and MP3 100% free for everybody until 1st September 2020.

Weekly Tips and Freebies

I offer a range of practical tips, advice and inspiration in the Live Well Practice weekly email.

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Sample My Work

All newsletter recipients get a copy of my programme “Accelerate Your Achievement with Self-Hypnosis” for free.

This short programme includes:

15 minute audio

Booklet with guidance and advice

What Our Clients Say

“I write this testimonial with heartfelt thanks. I am delighted with the way I look and feel about myself.”

“My name is Ken, I’m 67 years old and I’m a non smoker. After 50 years of smoking that is a mighty statement.”

“Sam in non-judgemental and has a way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable”

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