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Writing about happy things can reduce stress

We cannot change what happens to us, but we can change how we react to it. We can train ourselves how we respond to potentially stressful events. It is also possible to increase your resilience and improve your general wellbeing to reduce stress. Writing is a good way to do this.

In a recent study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, a group of people was given the task to write for about 20 minutes each day about positive experiences. This group showed improved levels of stress and anxiety compared to the control group who about neutral topics.

The advantages of a positive daily writing practice are that you need no training, you can do it anywhere and anytime, and it’s free. All you need is pen and paper.

What can you write about?

There are numerous possible topics. Here are a few writing prompts, if you want to try this for yourself.

  • Write about makes you happy.
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What are you proud of?
  • Describe a positive favourite experience from your past in all its wonderful detail.
  • Describe the future you want in all its glorious details; you could concentrate on
    • Your ideal day
    • Your dream home
    • or your best self

You can pick a different topic each day, if you like, or you could write a bit about each of these topics. Alternatively, your favourite positive topic might not be in this list, don’t let that stop you. Write what you feel is appropriate.

Do this for a few days, then check in with yourself to see how you feel.

Is this suitable for everyone?

As with most techniques, this doesn’t work for everyone. This will probably not work for people with an aversion to writing or someone who find its really difficult to express their feelings.

How the Live Well Practice can help to reduce stress?

Both, hypnotherapy and mindfulness can help to build resilience and help to reduce stress.

I, Samantha Culshaw Robinson am a clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner and have been helping people in and around Nottingham to reduce their stress since 2010. If you have any questions or would like a complimentary introductory session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You either email me at sam@livewellpractice.co.uk or call me on 075 222 777 22.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary session, please fill in your contact details on my consultation page.


Disclaimer: As with most practices, mindfulness may not be suitable for everyone. If you have any existing mental health conditions or past trauma, you should discuss these with your GP or mental health professional and these should also be disclosed prior to enrolling in a class.

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