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Why the Hypnotic Gastric Band Works

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Are you fed up with dieting?  Do you know it doesn’t work, because you keep having to diet again and again?  Are you looking for a solution? Have you heard of the Hypnotic Gastric Band?

What is the Hypnotic Gastric Band?

The Hypnotic Gastric Band is a process that focuses on that part of your mind that is holding you back; your subconscious. The media bombards us with information on how to lose weight.  We know that we need to move more and eat less, but there is that part somewhere in the back of our minds that can hold us back.  This will be different in everyone; were you told to finish everything on your plate as a child?

Do you eat when you are stressed or upset? Overeating is often linked to our emotions rather than hunger. Do you recognise this in yourself?  “I use specialist, bespoke techniques, together with hypnotherapy treatments offer a very personalised and beneficial programme.”

This Hypnotic Gastric Band method is an excellent alternative to conventional medical treatment that is expensive, as well as having the risks involved in a serious operation.  There can be uncomfortable side effects, including vomiting, diarrhoea and indigestion after the surgery. Hypnotherapy techniques can be used to change your thoughts and establish natural eating patterns, eating when your body needs nourishment and also creating a healthy relationship with food.

Health awareness is increasing

People are becoming more concerned about their health, and with so much emphasis on weight in the media, it isn’t surprising that people are turning to drastic measures when many diets have failed. Being overweight carries risks too, including cardiovascular failure, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. It makes sense to change your lifestyle.  Hypnosis can help you do this in an easy way. “Clients have said to me that they can ‘take or leave’ food now like a slim person”, says Samantha.

The Hypnotic Gastric Band  can support you in your journey to be slim in a safe therapeutic setting and could help to control portion size, create healthy eating patterns and encourage people to partake in beneficial exercise. In case studies clients have been able to lose vast amounts of weight. Their quality of life has become greatly improved as they have successfully broken free from the boundaries imposed on them by being overweight.

With weight loss comes a sense of accomplishment, increased self-belief and self-worth. These are a few of the reasons why the Hypnotic Gastric Band specialist techniques are becoming an ever more popular option for many people.

Who is the Hypnotic Gastric Band method suitable for?

The Hypnotic Gastric Band is suitable for men and woman that have a BMI of over 25. BMI or Body Mass Index is a healthy weight calculator determined by height and weight proportions. Anyone struggling to successfully stick to a healthy way of eating and who is medically overweight could benefit from this beneficial treatment. Samantha added, “If you feel you have an unhealthy relationship with food, but do not have a BMI over 25, I would use a different bespoke approach to help you.”

The hypnotherapist usually gives the treatment over 4 sessions. Then we work out a maintenance plan between us to ensure your continued success and even motivation for exercise.  “I use hypnosis to aid relaxation and encourage the trance state, which makes changes easier to achieve. In this state, the creative part of your mind is more active and powerful”.  During the final session a gastric band is placed virtually while the client is in a hypnotic state. After the band is fitted, it can be altered if necessary. The therapist removes the band once the client reaches their goal if they want.

How does it compare to a real gastric band?

Compared to having a gastric band fitted surgically, a hypnotic approach carries far less risk and does not have any uncomfortable side effects.  Additionally it is much cheaper and you won’t need any time to recover. The first session is used to establish your overall relationship with food and ways of eating. This means the remaining sessions can be personalised to you. Although you wouldn’t have had actual medical surgery, the aim is for your subconscious to believe a gastric band has been installed. You learn to accept a new approach to eating. Healthier eating habits can then become established for future years. You will generally notice a reduction in appetite and portion sizes and begin to lose some weight quite quickly.

How the Live Well Practice can help

The Hypnotic Gastric Band uses methods that need specific training and so it is vital to choose a qualified hypnotherapist. Samantha Culshaw-Robinson from the Live Well Practice is well qualified and has numerous years of experience of gastric band hypnotherapy under her belt. Indeed, she helps people succeed with weight loss every week in her Nottingham practice. If you would like to learn more or to book a complimentary introductory session please get in touch via phone 075 222 777 22 or email sam@livewellpractice.co.uk

If you would like to book in for a session, please fill in your contact details on my consultation page.


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