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Top 5 tips to start your successful weight loss journey before Christmas

lose weight before Christmas

Christmas is coming and with it the same ritual that happens every year. We stuff our faces with as much food as possible only to go on one fad diet or another in the New Year to try and lose the excess weight again. Of course, we also want to lose all the other pounds that had accumulated over the years. Don’t you want to do something different this year and start to lose weight before Christmas?

How about you don’t stuff your face? You make sensible choices regarding food as well as drinks, add in a little bit of gentle exercise and you start now as you mean to go on in the New Year. Start and do something now about the weight you want to lose and be in the right frame of mind to keep it up during the festive season.

Here are 5 habits you can start building now that will help you through the holiday season without going into food and drink overload.

Choose healthy fats

We have been told for years that fats are bad for us and make us fat. That’s actually not true. Fats are not inherently bad, some of them are positively good for us. Bad fats are anything artificial, such as trans fats, hydrogenated fats (found in most margarines) and the like.

My Colleague, nutritionist, Susan Hart says: “Now according to NOF [National Obesity Forum], Fat is not the enemy and in that I agree.  I would suggest you regularly eat foods such as unsalted nuts, avocados, eggs, olive and nut oils, oily fish, full fat dairy, and lean protein.  These are all deemed high in fat but in moderation they should form part of a healthy balanced diet. It’s about portion control!”

Cut down on sugar (and white flour)

The reason these two are grouped together is this: as soon as white flour (that’s white bread, pasta, pizza, etc.) enters your mouth, an enzyme in your mouth transforms it into sugar. So even though you might think you’re eating sugar free products, you’re actually adding sugar to your body in this way. Sugar is one of the main ingredients in putting on weight so should be avoided as much as possible.

But don’t choose artificial sweeteners either. They’re chemicals that trick our bodies that a high calorie meal is on its way. It will respond with even more hunger and appetite if it’s not receiving what it’s been promised. This is why zero calorie soft drinks are so dangerous.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have anything sweet, but it’s best to limit sweet things and stay on the savoury side.

Get enough sleep

This may seem counterproductive as you’re not active when you’re sleeping but getting more sleep is actually good for losing weight. When you lack sleep, your body increases the production of ghrelin, a hormone that tells us we’re hungry and decreases another called leptin which indicates to our bodies that we’re full. With our hormones giving us the wrong signals, it’s no wonder we’re putting on weight.

In addition, when you’re overly tired your production of the stress hormone cortisol increases. This also increases appetite so we’re starting to reach for the wrong foods altogether.

Find out how much sleep you really need to feel well rested and start going to bed a little bit earlier until you reach your ideal levels.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol is not only high in calories (and full of sugars) it also lowers our inhibitions. This means we make the wrong food choices a lot more easily. You don’t need to go teetotal, especially in the run up to the Christmas but put in a few measures to cut down. These can include:

  • Alternate every glass of alcohol with a glass of water (now freely available by law at every venue). This will not only cut the amount you drink but also keep you hydrated so hangovers will hit a lot less hard.
  • Order small glasses instead of large – giving you the impression that you’re drinking the same number of glasses. But you’re cutting down on the amount you actually drink.
  • If you’re going out, only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol.
  • Really pay attention to the colour, taste and feeling of the drink in your mouth, savour it!

Get some exercise

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym. Here are some easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

  • Start by parking your car further away and walk the last mile or so
  • Take the stairs instead of choosing the lift
  • Consider cycling to work a couple of times per week
  • Stand up to take phone calls

Can I help you to lose weight before Christmas?

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