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The Hidden Dangers of Vaping

The Hidden Dangers of Vaping

More and more people are giving up smoking which is a very encouraging trend. We still need to find out whether the popular way to ease into being a non-smoker with the help of vaping or smoking e-cigarettes is entirely safe. It seems a great interim solution, but what about the effects on your health?

Vaping is a relatively new trend. Scientists in china invented electronic cigarettes in 2003 and introduced them to the UK in 2005 and to the USA in 2007. It only took a few years before this new alternative to smoking gained popularity. Many people are under the impression that it is a lot less harmful than smoking cigarettes. We all have been told for years that smoking tobacco is bad for us, and that smoking cigarettes releases many nasty chemicals. But what do we know about vaping? But don’t e-cigarettes also release chemicals?

In the last couple of years some studies have emerged that show vaping is not as harmless as it claims to be. It’s not just flavoured water with added nicotine. Well, it is, but what are the flavours made of? This is the crux.

Why is vaping dangerous?

A study published by Oxford University Press in 2014 revealed that the chemical Formaldehyde is present in many flavours of e-cigarettes. Formaldehyde is a substance used as an ingredient in some glues, as well as an embalming fluid and a steriliser. It is classed as a human carcinogen, i.e. it causes cancer. Do we really want to inhale this?

Another study, this time from Harvard, published in December 2015, states that over 75% of e-cigarette flavour contain a chemical called Diacetyl. Inhaling this chemical can lead to a serious lung disease known as popcorn lung. This disease causes irreversible damage to the lung.

Vaping might seem a healthier alternative to smoking but it is in fact still a dependency on nicotine, which in itself is a poison. And with more and more evidence emerging that the inhaled vapours contain dangerous chemicals it is really important to consider taking the next step and stop inhaling any form of nicotine.

We all know this sounds easy, but this is where hypnotherapy can help. We have shown in previous articles how hypnotherapy can help to quit smoking once and for all. Here are the links:

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Whether you have tried quitting before or whether you have only just started giving up let me help.

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