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Some Of The Clients Whom I Have Supported And Gave Permission To Share Their Journey

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My name is Ken, I’m 67 years old and I’m a non smoker. I couldn’t have said that two weeks ago but after two sessions with Samantha I no longer feel the urge to smoke and after fifty years of smoking that is a mighty statement. I expected to be climbing the walls and shouting at everybody but it just hasn’t happened. Hopefully I can do it on my own now but I know if I start to weaken I can get in touch with Samantha and get some help.*

Ken, Nottingham

I would like to say a big thank you to Sam. I am so pleased with the results. Over the years I have tried without success to stop smoking but now I feel in total control and feel so calm and relaxed.

I would highly recommend Sam to all my friends.*

Wendy F.

I am a 62-year-old lady and have been very over weight since my 20s. Never been able to keep it off.

Since being introduced to Sam and seeing her, with the help I’ve been given, I am losing the weight, and feeling great for the first time in years.

All thanks to Sam and the ongoing encouragement.

So far I lost 35lb and the loss is ongoing.*

A client

I went to see Samantha in February 2015 as I desperately wanted to stop smoking after 40+years. I tried most other non smoking aids to no avail and lack of willpower on my part. Samantha soon became Sam as is her way of making you feel relaxed, comfortable, and totally non judgemental. Sam clearly listened to what I needed to say, then reassuringly talked me through the journey of therapy and I felt safe to carry on . I am thrilled to say after a session of hypnotherapy (which was wonderful) I have not had a cigarette, or had a craving for one. I have regained my confidence, and feel so good. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wanted to become a non smoker and try alternative therapy. Thank you so much, Sam. Jenny.*

Jenny, Nottingham

I write this testimonial with heartfelt thanks. It is now five months since my first hypnotherapy session and I am delighted with the way I look and feel about myself. My goals were to gain the tools that would enable me to lose some excess weight and free myself from my obsession with food. Through four hypnotherapy sessions with Sam I gained those tools and an understanding that I could do this myself. I had a follow up appointment one month later and I was delighted that by this time I had lost weight and felt far more in control of the choices I made about food. Now another two months on I am still free of my original obsessive behaviour around food, I have kept the weight off and I feel very proud of myself for what I have achieved. So thank you Sam for all your help and support.

Gemma, student

The sessions with Sam are helping me to unlearn 63 years of poor habits, particularly over-eating and using food as an emotional crutch.

Sam has helped me to have a greater self-awareness and acceptance of myself as a person. This has been helping me to have better self-control and understand why I ‘binge’ eat.

I feel now that I am more positive in life and have greater self-belief. This means I feel I can redirect the way I run my life.

I am certainly now more positive and am gaining better self-esteem and confidence in what I do. I now believe that I am a good person and look forward to continue working with Sam to achieve my goals and thank Sam for her work and patience with me.*

Glynda, Nottingham

Sam at what’s the alternative therapy provides a thoroughly professional service in a nice comfortable environment. I went to Sam for help with my weight as I habitually ate the wrong things. With her help I gained a new perspective on food which helped me make healthier choices, also the exercises I learned helped me in other areas of my life too. I am far happier now with the way I eat and have lost a fair few pounds to date. Overall I would highly recommend the service provided by Sam.

Ian McVeagh

I had my first hypnotherapy session with Sam last week and found it incredibly helpful. And it wasn’t at all scary…in fact quite the opposite…it was one of the most relaxing therapies I’ve had! Would definitely recommend Sam to anyone that it is trying to make changes in their life.

Sue Hale

I contacted Sam for help with a fear of driving and to try and overcome general stress which was happening in my life. I had no idea what Hypnotherapy would be like but I assumed it would be calming and relaxing – which it was. I found the whole experience to be positive, from meeting Sam to the exercises and hypnotherapy sessions. I looked forward to having my own hour of complete relaxation whilst actually changing my life for the better. I genuinely felt like a weight had lifted, my whole outlook changed and my anxiety either disappeared, or turned into a different emotion. I found I had a much more positive outlook on the things in my life which had caused me stress and anxiety previously. I would recommend Sam, she has a calming influence and I felt that she genuinely cared about making me feel better.

Anne, Nottingham

“….. is now 9 weeks smoking free, she had her operation and is doing well. The thought of the Chemo etc had totally stressed her out … She is back to the old ….. now! I’m guessing those were the weeks she was most in need of a cigarette but she was stoic in not succumbing to her desires”

A client, Nottingham.

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