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Blissful Relaxation

Plus Receive A Complementary MP3

Price: £35

Guided Hypnosis MP3s

These recordings are portable. You can download them to your phone so you have it wherever you are.
They are great for travelling.

Gain Confidence with Hypnotic Relaxation


Who doesn’t need just a little more confidence?

Whether you want more confidence at work or in your personal life this recording will help your subconscious mind enable you to be the very confident person you’d like to be. This hypnotic relaxation soundtrack has been produced to help you access your inner confidence.

“Gain Confidence with hypnotic relaxation” uses positive visualisations and language and helps you to relax building your confidence easily.

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • Help increase your confidence without having to think about it.

  • Natural, healthy remedy for “Dutch courage”

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

Help with Insomnia


Do you find your mind racing at bedtime and find it hard to get to sleep, or wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep?

We all need good quality sleep to maintain our wellbeing. Recent research has shown that some chronic disease is caused by sleeplessness, but sometimes however much we want to get to sleep, we can’t. We all have short periods when we can sleep, but when this becomes prolonged we become overtired and fatigued.

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • Progressive relaxation focuses the mind on the body and not that spiral of thoughts

  • A bedtime routine of listening to the MP3 can be started and our mind soon recognises and enjoys this and then falling asleep is expected.

  • The recording can also be used on waking in the middle of the night to aid the quick return to peaceful sleep.

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

Helping to Stop Stress


Life can be very busy and we can find ourselves very often in “headless chicken” mode. We are unable to think clearly, rest or make a decision.

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • Taking time out to listen to this guided recording, can help us get things in to perspective again.

  • Regular use can remind us of how being relaxed and de-stressing feels. Calmness is normalised by our brains.

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

Stop Smoking


Want some help to stop smoking? Maybe your motivation needs a boost?

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • Cravings only last a short time. The use of this recording can help you ride out the cravings and the powerful suggestions can help prevent cravings in the first place

  • If you use smoking for a break or reward, listening to this recording can get you the feelings you need without the nicotine.

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

Weight Control


We all know, “move more, eat less” is the answer to controlling our weight, but doing it can be another matter. Stressful situations can biologically cause us to crave high sugar and high fat foods, so we can start a habit.

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • The powerful hypnotic suggestions contained in this MP3 can help us be drawn to healthy food.

  • Relaxing with this recording can be a way to get the feelings we want without feeling guilty or sometimes even more stressed due to a rise in our blood sugar.

  • We can start to break childhood habits of comforting ourselves with food.

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

Reducing Exam Anxiety


There is a lot of pressure these days on passing exams; whether it is at school or work. The more we fret about not being successful, the more likely that is to be the result. Our brains need to be relaxed in order for its creative functions to work and the creative “sparks” to happen.

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • The recording can be used on the run up to exams to help calm your mind for revision

  • The night before an exam is also a perfect time to listen to allow your mind to rest and absorb what you have been revising during the day.

  • The powerful suggestions allow success and ease of answering questions to become the norm.

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

3 Minute Breathing Space


The Mindful Breathing Space is used to punctuate the day, or as an emergency “reset button.”

Rationale for the 3 Minute Breathing Space

It's often hardest to come out of thinking mode (when all those thoughts start to jumble up in your head) when you most need to. When you’re becoming increasingly like a headless chicken, you tend to forget just how useful it can be for dealing with the feelings of being overwhelmed by seemingly relentless demands. When you’re becoming angry, it’s difficult to remember why you should remain calm. And when you’re anxious or stressed, you feel far too rushed to take a break. When you’re under pressure, the last thing your mind wishes to be is mindful.

The 3 Minute Breathing Space was created to deal with such situations. It’s a mini mindful meditation that acts as a bridge between longer meditations (if you choose to learn more) and the demands of everyday life.

There are 2 reasons to use the 3 Minute Breathing Space: it’s a meditation that’s used to punctuate the day, so that you can take a step back; In essence, it dissolves negative thought patterns before they gain control over your life – often before you’re even aware of them. Secondly, it’s an emergency meditation that allows you to see clearly what is arising from moment to moment when you feel under pressure. It allows you to pause when your thoughts threaten to spiral out of control, by helping you to regain a compassionate sense of perspective and to ground yourself in the present moment.

It’s best that you practice the Breathing Space twice a day. It’s up to you when you do it, but it makes sense to find regular times each day to set aside and stick to them, so that this becomes part of your daily routine. You may wish to do the actual practice while listening to the Mp3 or you may wish to listen to the track the first few times that you do the Breathing Space, but then feel free to do it on your own, silently guiding your own practice for about three minutes, keeping the three-step structure.

Price: £9.99
Available now for instant download

Erectile Dysfunction 1 & 2


Do you want to enjoy a better sex life without worrying about performance?

Erectile Dysfunction 1:

Uses subconscious metaphor; highlighting similarities between life and the story, and suggests how their own problems can be fixed the way things were fixed in the story.

Erectile Dysfunction 2:

The power of suggestion is based on the psychological mechanism that whatever the subconscious accepts, it acts on. When you relax your mind is more open to beneficial suggestions.

The use of both recordings in turn can be very powerful.

Maybe you have seen a doctor about the problem (physical causes of ED need to be checked out by your doctor); you may have been given a prescription medication like Viagra to treat the condition. Drugs for ED work by increasing blow flow to the penis. This may work, but then you may become dependent upon the drugs in order to have sex as the psychological reasons remain.

But what if your sex life could get back on track without pills?

In a study reported in the February 1996 British Journal of Urology, hypnosis proved effective in improving sexual function in men who suffered from erectile dysfunction with no known physical cause.

Benefits of this guided Hypnosis MP3:

  • You can help your mind create the conditions for satisfying sexual activity.

  • Help increase your confidence.

  • Allow you to relax so that blood will flow properly to the penis during sex.

  • Drug free natural remedy for better performance.

Price: £9.99 (for both MP3's)
Available now for instant download