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Put an end to dental phobia with hypnotherapy

dental phobia

Is your fear of the dentist spoiling your smile? You are not alone! It is estimated that 80% of patients suffer from some form of anxiety when it comes to dental treatment. You can do something about this using a few simple techniques. Once you know how, overcoming dental phobia is easy.

As we all know, everyone is different and fear of the dentist can occur due to a variety of reasons. These can include:

  • previous negative experiences during dental visits
  • seeing negative images on TV and in films
  • a fear of not being in control while in the dentist’s chair
  • sensitivity to the dentist’s equipment
  • sounds heard coming from within the consulting room
  • careless comments from friends, family, or even dentists or dental hygienist

Hypnotherapy can help with these symptoms of dental phobia by showing you how to

  • get the long-term solution that you’re after
  • reprogramme your mind
  • manage your anxiety effectively
  • master the art of positive thinking
  • break the unhelpful, negative, self-critical or destructive patterns of thought once and for all

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