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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

£9.99 / Instant Download

Want some help to stop smoking?

Why is tobacco one of the most difficult habits to break?

Take the first step to unraveling your addiction today with this MP3.

How does this MP3 help?

“Stop Smoking” uses progressive relaxation to nourish the mind and body, and dis-empower addictive thought patterns.

  • Cravings only last a short time. The use of this recording can help you ride out the cravings and the powerful suggestions can help prevent cravings in the first place
  • If you use smoking for a break or reward, listening to this recording can get you the feelings you need without the nicotine

Why buy my Stop Smoking MP3?

My MP3s are a small investment that can lead to big change.

  • Instant download – listen as soon as you’re ready
  • Convenient – listen on the computer, your ipad, stereo, etc.
  • Re-listen and benefit as many times as you like
  • A low cost way to experience some of my relaxation techniques