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Reduce Exam Anxiety

Help with Exam Anxiety Hypnosis MP3

£9.99 / Instant Download

Want help with exam anxiety?

There is a lot of pressure these days on passing exams; whether it is at school or work.

The more we fret about not being successful, the more likely that is to be the result.

Our brains need to be relaxed in order for its creative functions to work and the creative “sparks” to happen.

How does this MP3 help?

“Reduce Exam Anxiety” uses progressive relaxation and powerful suggestions to allow success and ease of answering questions to become the norm.

  • The recording can be used on the run up to exams to help calm your mind for revision
  • The night before an exam is also a perfect time to listen to allow your mind to rest and absorb what you have been revising during the day

Why buy my Reduce Exam Anxiety MP3?

My MP3s are a small investment that can lead to big change.

  • Instant download – listen as soon as you’re ready
  • Convenient – listen on the computer, your ipad, stereo, etc.
  • Re-listen and benefit as many times as you like
  • A low cost way to experience some of my relaxation techniques