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Helping to Stop Stress

Helping to Stop Stress

£9.99 / Instant Download

Do you need to de-stress?

Life can be very busy and we can find ourselves very often in “headless chicken” mode. We are unable to think clearly, rest or make a decision.

How does this MP3 help?

“Helping to Stop Stress” uses progressive relaxation to focus the mind on the body, and dis-empower stressful thoughts.

  • Taking time out to listen to this guided recording, can help us get things in to perspective again
  • Regular use can remind us of how being relaxed and de-stressing feels. Calmness is normalised by our brains.

Why buy my Helping to Stop Stress MP3?

My MP3s are a small investment that can lead to big change.

  • Instant download – listen as soon as you’re ready
  • Convenient – listen on the computer, your ipad, stereo, etc.
  • Re-listen and benefit as many times as you like
  • A low cost way to experience some of my relaxation techniques