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March is National Bed Month – Time to Get Some Sleep


Can’t Get to Sleep? Keep waking up in the night? Hypnotherapy Can Help with Insomnia!

The Sleep Council has designated March to be National Bed Month. Pointing out the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for overall health and wellbeing. The Sleep Council has a checklist of 12 items that might cause you to sleep badly. But even with a perfectly good bed and a top quality mattress many people find that they have problems with insomnia.

In a study carried out in 2012 (The Great British Sleep Survey) it was found that people sleeping badly have a much higher risk of being affected by mental health and relationship issues. Feelings of being helpless, alone and struggling to concentrate are the top concerns reported by people sleeping poorly.

All of us need sleep to function efficiently and most of us need 6-8 hours each night. The loss of one night’s sleep can take a while to recover from, but eventually we do catch up. Unfortunately, long term sleep deprivation isn’t as easy to shake off and can feel like torture.

In the UK, insomnia causes about 1/3 of the population to miss out on precious sleep. If you suffer from insomnia it is often difficult to understand that it may not be anything in particular that is stopping you from sleeping peacefully; in your conscious mind anyway. You might be trouble free, have no distractions, feel warm and toasty and don’t feel wired in any way but for some mysterious reason you cannot sleep. Hypnosis for insomnia could enable you to finally get some deep sleep. It could be though that you know you are feeling anxious and restless at bedtime.

Precisely what is insomnia?

When we’re experiencing sub standard sleep or no sleep at all, despite the fact that there is nothing stopping us doing so, we are experiencing insomnia. It means we are not refreshed or recharged because we haven’t had the opportunity to recuperate.

Issues like getting to sleep or not sleeping at all, waking up early in the morning without a reason, awakening in the night, disrupted or restless sleep can all be warning signs of insomnia.

Both emotional tension and anxiety are common reasons for insomnia. The key reason they can affect us this way is because the issues manifest themselves consciously as well as subconsciously: this means every time we are trying to go to sleep we are struggling on two levels.

On a conscious level, most of us might have experienced the difficulty of a constantly racing mind in bed. You simply cannot shut down; and all of the day’s ideas and challenges spin around in your mind endlessly. Many people only fall asleep through utter mental exhaustion.

Endured on a long term basis, stress and anxiety attacks can show up in unpredicted ways within the mind. At times anxiety can be the start, where you wake up with a pounding heart not really knowing why. Emotional stress can affect you without you realising the triggers; your brain absorbs the stresses around you on a subconscious level.

When we become aware that we are having difficulty sleeping, we can create the fear of it occurring again and form a vicious cycle. When we don’t know how to fix these problems we can feel helpless, alone and indeed, hopeless.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnosis for insomnia will allow you to find the actual causes and tackle them. When used in conjunction with Cognitive Behaviour techniques, hypnotherapy can help you become empowered, enabling you to connect with your mind in its entirety and begin to take the road of transformation and positivity.

Samantha Culshaw-Robinson, a skilled professional hypnotherapist from the Live Well Practice said “I have successfully helped clients who have even tried the Sleep Clinic for insomnia to sleep well.  They feel that sleep is no longer an issue in their lives, they simply no longer think about sleep”. To get in touch with Samantha, you can email sam@livewellpractice.co.uk or call 075 222 777 22.

If you would like to book in for a session, please fill in your contact details on my consultation page.

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