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Is Erectile Dysfunction filling you with a sense of dread for Valentine’s Day?

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The 14th February – we all know it as Valentine’s Day. This year, the Sexual Advice Association has given it a bit of a twist on the subject and created “Thinking about Sex Day”. So what springs to mind when you think about sex: an enjoyable experience or frustration and anxiety because you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence?

If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction you are not alone. About half of men between 40 and 70 suffer from it at one point or another to some degree, with about 10% of all men having it regularly. Once you have ruled out physical causes such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes or lifestyle causes such as alcohol or smoking it often comes down to psychological reasons. Anxiety to perform or high stress levels can lead to total or inconsistent inability to achieve an erection or a tendency to sustain only brief or insufficient erections, all encompassed in the term Erectile Dysfunction.

How hypnotherapy can help with erectile dysfunction

The important thing to know is that you’re not alone and there is something you can do about it. Hypnotherapy has been proven to benefit many sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction. Studies have shown that the problem can disappear in about 80% of cases with only a few sessions.

First of all you and your therapist will discover what’s lying at the root of your problem. Is it anxiety or depression, is it stress or fear of failure or criticism? Only when you know what causes Erectile Dysfunction will you be able to do something about it. By removing the cause you will no longer have the negative effect.

The way hypnotherapy works is that you are put in a relaxed and receptive state of mind, then the hypnotherapist helps your subconscious to let go of the problem and fills you with images of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. As a result you will start to feel more relaxed, more confident and happier. Hypnotherapy is not a short term but a long term solution. Once you have been successfully treated the results are usually long term.

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