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    Hypnotherapy to Relieve Pain

    Hypnotherapy to Relieve Pain

    Do you suffer from pain?

    Are you suffering from chronic physical or emotional pain?

    Hypnosis is not a magic pill. But it has a long history of being used for pain relief, both short and long term.

    In just 1 or 2 sessions I can help you to manage your pain effectively, learn strategies to reduce it, and be able to live more comfortably in your body.

    Express hypnotherapy really works

    I offer short and affordable hypnotherapy programmes to help people manage and relieve pain in safe, yet effective, ways.

    In just 1 or 2 sessions, you will leave with:

    • A deeper sense of peace and relaxation, calm and in control
    • Reduced frequency/levels of physical pain, if present
    • Strategies to manage pain when it does arise and prevent it from holding you back

    My hypnotherapy sessions can help remove chronic pain

    Chronic pain is any pain that continues after a period of time (around 6 months) or continues after the underlying health issue has been resolved and investigated medically. It is pain that you shouldn’t be experiencing; pain that has no medical reason to exist.

    I am experienced in using hypnotherapy to relieve chronic pain and increase well-being.

    I have over 20 years’ therapeutic experience and has been a registered hypnotherapist for over 10 years.

    • NHS trained Mindfulness (MBCT) coach
    • MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing at the University of Nottingham
    • Registered with the Complementary and National Healthcare Council (recognised by the NHS)
    • Rated one of the top 3 hypnotherapists in Nottingham
    • Excellent reviews

    Ready to book your session?

    Your session will last for 1.5 hours and costs £75.

    Many clients require a single session only. You can book a second session later if you like.

    Preferred Days

    Preferred Times

    Clicking Book Session will take you through to PayPal to complete the payment and provide your contact details.

    Want to chat first?

    I offer free no-obligation consultations via phone or over Zoom.

    If you would like to find out more about using hypnotherapy to relieve pain, please book a slot directly into my diary.

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      What do Sam's clients say?

      “I walked in here with pain in my hips and legs and left like I was walking on air!”

      Janet, Nottingham

      “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services Sam. If you could see my smile as I walk along the river with my daughter, that would be the best testimonial you could ever have”

      Arthur, chronic hip pain, North Nottingham

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