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    Hypnotherapy Sessions

    I offer a 2 types of hypnotherapy programme – express and bespoke – the right one for you depends on your goal.

    All programmes are available in-person and online.

    Express Hypnotherapy

    Short and affordable hypnotherapy programmes – designed to effect positive and lasting change in just a session or two.

    Express hypnotherapy is best suited to goals such as stopping smoking, overcoming fears and overcoming cravings.

    Bespoke Hypnotherapy

    Bespoke programmes allow me to work closely with you over a longer time frame, usually 4, 6 or 8 weeks. formats.

    Initially we work together to unravel any subconscious factors that are preventing you from making the changes you desire. Then I create a unique personalised programme just for you, tailored to your specific goals, motivations and mindset.

    Bespoke programmes are better suited to goals such as weight loss and improving sleep.