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How hypnotherapy reduces food cravings

overcoming food cravings

Whenever people are trying to lose weight and stick to an appropriate diet, they find it most challenging when they develop a strong desire for sugary foods. Food cravings are acute feelings that can drive people to consume large quantities of foods that they may wish to avoid.

Regrettably, the type of foods people most seem to crave are unhealthy and tend not to have much nutritional value, such as pastries, sugary snacks and sweets. Countless people have a specific weak spot for chocolate. When we succumb to powerful desires for food repeatedly, they become habits. In the case of chocolate, this can lead to someone turning into a chocoholic.

Why do we crave certain foods?

There are many reasons why people crave certain foods. If an individual has low levels of serotonin or other endorphins, our thought processes and emotions may be impacted. Hypnosis can assist in regulating specific parts of the brain to break unhealthy habits that have evolved over time.

Unfortunately, foods that are detrimental to our health, are often easily obtainable, well-advertised and quite often cheap. And these are just the types of foods we crave. Being overweight and other health concerns can develop from eating too many foods full of sugar and unhealthy fats. These health problems include, amongst others, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There have been some significant developments in hypnosis which, together with mindful eating, can help people eliminate urges for food and thus prevent them endangering their health.

One of the numerous reasons people can crave foods such as chocolate, is due to the amino acid, phenylethylamine, which adjusts the body’s release of endorphins. These are the hormones that produces a sense of relaxation. If we consume chocolate and then begin to feel good and relaxed, an association develops with chocolate and the feelings of euphoria. We can then begin to crave this feeling and consequently chocolate, in particular when we feel pressured or stressed. Hypnosis can sever this link and even give a new link to a healthy and beneficial substitute. This could be activities such as exercising that release endorphins in a natural manner.

The body may also begin to crave other components of the food like salt and iron. An overload of either of them can be harmful.

How food cravings influence the body’s communication

The body has got its own strategy for telling us the nourishment it needs. However, when inner messages become confused, the body can think it’s consuming something that is good for it, when in fact it is harmful. For instance, throughout pregnancy, a woman experiences cravings as the body requires certain extra nutrients during that time. These can sometimes be strange urges, like red or bloody meat. In this case, your body may be telling you it lacks iron.

Eating too much and being over-weight leads to numerous health problems such as high blood pressure. Hypnotherapy aims to change certain reactions in the brain to curb these inclinations and avoid more complicated problems linked to being overweight.

Using hypnosis to manage, control and ultimately eradicate food cravings can be quite tricky. It is therefore crucial to choose a knowledgeable and well qualified hypnotherapist.

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