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Hypnotherapy Can Help Stop Unhealthy Cravings

Hypnotherapy Can Help Stop Unhealthy Cravings

We have an over-abundance of options when it comes to unhealthy food. It’s everywhere you go; on the TV ads, billboards – even when you’ve completed your supermarket shop they try to hook you at the final hurdle with racks of chocolate awaiting you at the checkout. These treats might be simple to ignore for everyone with a strong will. However, bear in mind, these unhealthy cravings trigger a difficult psychological conflict for many people .

It’s generally understood that smokers or drug addicts are coping with real dependencies, and so are afforded some degree of compassion; yet those who binge or comfort eat aren’t generally given such tolerance or comprehension. There is the added problem that whilst you can abstain from tobacco or alcohol, we all have to eat. Therefore, problems such as self-hate or low self-esteem can develop which frequently ends up in a vicious circle. Of course, people can in reality become dependent on snacks, like for example crisps, cakes, sweets and biscuits. This is just like an individual might become addicted to smoking or alcohol. This is why men and women often are not able to control their habits by utilising sheer self-discipline alone.

Why we comfort eat

Addictions and habits spring from the subconscious mind. Whenever we journey through life, we acquire the consequences of the ordeals we’ve undergone. When we’re inevitably confronted with difficult circumstances, our mind generates coping strategies. Whenever we discover ways to help us feel good, the mind may get ‘hooked’ on these tactics. This drives us to do the same thing every time we feel distressed or troubled.

It is not unusual for grown-ups to reward good behaviour in children with treats or sweets. Additionally, ‘treats’ like cookies and cakes are utilised when a child is feeling distressed or if the parent needs to say sorry for something. (“Never mind. Let’s go for a pizza”). This habit of using food as a treat or as a mood enhancer then becomes ingrained. When we find ourselves feeling low, our mind is wired to desire junk foods. It believes that’s what makes us feel much better again.

Working with the subconscious mind to combat unhealthy cravings

A hypnotherapist may help stop your impulses for high calorie unhealthy foods like biscuits, crisps, cakes and sweets, by using the subconscious mind. In a manner that is comparable to how a hypnotic approach may be used to make smokers imagine that cigarettes taste or smell revolting. A hypnotherapist can utilise the effectiveness of suggestion to develop new feelings regarding snacks. This means that you won’t feel so tempted whenever you walk past the cake section. Hypnosis resolves the underlying cause of your comfort eating, rather than endeavouring to work with your inspiration or willpower. It replaces the current thinking patterns with fresh healthier ones, releasing you from the grip of your dependency. Rather than having to battle to restrict your snacking habits, avoiding these foods is going to become natural and straightforward for you.

I also work with a Mood & Food Journal to help clients find their patterns and triggers that contribute to their unhealthy over- or under-eating.

If you would like to find out more about what hypnotherapy can do to help with eating disorders or to book a complimentary first session, please get in touch with me, Samantha Culshaw-Robinson for an informal chat. Based in Nottingham, I am a clinical hypnotherapist successfully treating clients since 2010. Call 075 222 777 22 or email at sam@livewellpractice.co.uk .

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