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How to overcome Holiday Anxiety

holiday anxiety

The whole family is looking forward to the annual holiday, but you’re already dreading it. Holiday anxiety is a real thing and it’s much more than fear of flying. You might not even be worried about the flight, but everything else surrounding your time away. We’ve rounded up the 5 most common worries people have and what you can do about them. This year prepare to enjoy your holiday with the rest of them.

Fear of flying

Probably the most common issue is the fear of flying. You’re in a metal container, hurtling through the sky. I know this isn’t helping, but – if you ever did any research about flying you will have found that it is, in fact, the safest mode of transport to date. So much science and technology has gone into making air travel safe and enjoyable. It’s a lot more dangerous to cross the street on foot or to get into a car.

This fact doesn’t help most, however. They know in their minds that it’s a safe way to travel, but their fear of flying nevertheless takes over. Hypnotherapy can be incredibly helpful when it comes to phobias. With only one or two sessions, you will be equipped with techniques to help you relax and enjoy the flight and even a relaxation mp3 to use at the time.

Airport anxiety

This could be related to being surrounded by large crowds or missing the flight. Other worries include being stuck with no way out, being physically searched by airport security or fear of terrorism.

Knowing what triggers your anxiety is half the battle. Then you can do something about it. If it’s all about being late and missing the flight, you could stay at an airport hotel the night before to avoid traffic on the way to the airport. Or make sure you arrive 3 hours early, to give you plenty of time to get through the queues.

General anxiety can be tempered with deep breathing. We’ve covered this in a previous blog post; you can read it here. Deep breathing calms your whole system down and can relax your whole body in minutes. Altering your breathing can unconsciously lull your body and mind into thinking that it is time to relax.

Thinking about all the things you might have forgotten to pack, also falls into this category of holiday anxiety, as you often remember these items once you are at the airport. Having a comprehensive packing list and ticking things off as you pack can help with this. We have found the Ultimate Packing List online, that you can simply download in pdf format.

Worries about unknown culture and food

If you’re travelling to a country you’ve never been before it’s worth doing some research beforehand. It’s also important to focus on what you can control and let go of the rest.

If you know what to expect, you can prepare. Learn some new customs, such as what’s polite in the foreign culture, and what isn’t. This way you’ll feel more comfortable in your new surroundings. When ordering food, you can always ask for slight alterations, such as milder versions of food or simply ingredient you’re not too sure about to be put on the side. If you have dietary requirements such as being vegan or coeliac, then a bit more research may be needed. You can take a few bits and bobs with you, e.g. a small container of soya milk or cream for your coffee, or some gluten free bread.

Being too far away if something goes wrong

First of all, make sure you have travel insurance for added peace of mind. It also pays to have a medical check-up before you go on holiday to make sure you’re in top health.

To stay in touch with people back home is much easier nowadays. There’s wifi practically everywhere, so you can keep updated with what’s going on at home.

Worried about getting lost and/or not speaking the language

Again, technology is your friend. You can download apps to help find your way around. It also helps to learn a few basic phrases in the local language. Things like “Please”, “thank you” and basic greetings will go a long way to let locals know you’re trying and make them even more inclined to help you.

In general, facing fears head on and having a good experience can help to update your thoughts and contribute to feeling less fearful in the future.

How the Live Well Practice can help you to overcome holiday anxiety

Hypnotherapy and mindfulness are great ways to deal with worries, fears and anxieties. We can teach you a new way of thinking and equip you with techniques to relax in any environment.

I am Samantha Culshaw-Robinson, a hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner who has helped people overcome holiday anxiety and enjoy their holidays since 2010. To find out more or to book in for a session, please get in touch. You can either call me on 075 222 777 22 or email me at sam@livewellpractice.co.uk

If you would like to book in for a complimentary session, please fill in your contact details on my consultation page.


Disclaimer: As with most practices, mindfulness may not be suitable for everyone. If you have any existing mental health conditions or past trauma, you should discuss these with your GP or mental health professional and these should also be disclosed prior to enrolling in a class.

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