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Do you want to know how to feel healthier and tune in to your body?

You can with mindful eating

It has been said that it’s not what you eat, but how you eat that is important. Does this sound weird to you? We are so conditioned to believe in “good” food and “bad” food that this seems unbelievable. Think about slim people who have a healthy attitude about food. They only deny themselves food if they are not hungry. If they want chips, they will have them; if they want cake, they will have that. They just don’t crave that kind of food all the time because it is not “forbidden” to them.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is not just meditation:

“Mindfulness is paying attention, in a particular way on purpose and non-judgementally” – Jon Kabatt-Zinn

It is about awareness and you can be mindful whatever you are doing (or not doing).

How can mindful eating help you control your eating?

I wonder if you can imagine this scenario; you have just sat down in the cinema, you have a bucket of popcorn, or a bag of sweets. The adverts are on and you are watching the screen intently and listening to the loud music. The next thing you know, the film is about to start, you look down at the bucket or bag and it is nearly empty. “Where did that go?” You haven’t been aware of eating at all as your mind was so focussed on the adverts.

Compare this to receiving 6 handmade luxury chocolates. You want to make the most of these as you know they were expensive and the person who gave you them wants to hear all about what they were like. Now you open the lid and look at each one carefully, you choose one to eat first, you hold it closer to your eyes and notice how the tempered chocolate is so smooth and shiny. Then you notice any designs on the surface.

You close your eyes and smell it; and you notice your mouth watering, perhaps a memory or what the smell reminds you off comes to mind? You bite a tiny piece off and notice what happens in your mouth as you pop it in, how rich and creamy the chocolate feels as it starts to melt in your mouth. While you move it around your mouth you notice where it tastes best. You want to keep it in there as long as possible. You chew what’s left slowly. Finally you decide to swallow and feel it go down your throat. You keep in touch with it until you can’t sense it anymore – repeat!

This is like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. His family is poor, and he doesn’t get treats very often; and so he wants to really savour them and make the most of them.

If you eat mindfully, you suss out whether you are really hungry or not in the first place by becoming more aware of your emotions and your stress levels. Your eating is slowed down; you are aware of your food; and you appreciate it more. In addition, you become fuller faster and so you end up eating less.

What is Mindless Eating?

Eating when you are bored, stressed, anxious, happy etc. and not truly physically hungry

Munching in front of the T.V.

Eating while you are doing something else or distracted (driving, walking, working, texting, etc.)

Eating food just because it is there and looks good not because you are hungry

Falling back into old habits/routines

Zoned out or eating in a trance like state

Following rules not body cues


What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful Eating is not a diet

There are NO menus or recipes. It is about balancing how to eat, not what to eat.

Being aware and present when you eat

Noticing each bite

Using your senses (taste – spicy/bland), (texture – smooth/crunchy), (aroma; sound – sizzle/crunch)

Noticing your habits

Determining your hunger level (a little or a lot?)

Being truly in the moment

Savouring/Enjoying food

Feeling in charge of how much you are eating, consciously deciding

No guilt or judgement

How the Live Well Practice can help

I have created a “How to Control your Weight Permanently” eGuide and “Hypnotic Weight Control” MP3. These will help you start eating mindfully and help you feel better by:

  • Improving your self-image

  • Boosting your motivation

  • Increasing your self-control

So that I can help more people, I am making my eGuide and companion MP3 available 100% free for everybody at this challenging time.

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