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How self-hypnosis can help you reach your goals

Are you struggling to stay on track when it comes to reaching your goals in life? Whether your goal is to lose weight, stop smoking, improve your sleeping habits, or simply exercise regularly, life can get in the way. It’s easy to get side-tracked. But did you know that self-hypnosis can help you achieve your goals more easily?

If you look at why people don’t achieve their goals, there are often similar reasons. Becoming discouraged with not getting to the goal fast enough; getting side-tracked with day-to-day life; or you give up or don’t even start because of fear of failure.

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool to access your subconscious mind. It is the subconscious that controls a large part of our emotions, influence our habits and behaviour. Take control of your subconscious and you control your life.

Where hypnosis is used nowadays

Hypnosis works by reaching a relaxed state which enables you to reach your subconscious mind. During this state you are more open to new thoughts and ideas. This can lead to a change in attitude and behaviour. The hypnotic state is similar to running on autopilot while you’re driving your car or being engrossed in a good book. It doesn’t mean you’re in a trance where you don’t know what you’re doing.

Hypnosis is widely used by medical professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists but also dentists, anaesthetists and nurses. It can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, phobias, to name but a few. It can be used before medical procedures, dental treatments and chemotherapy to reduce medical related anxiety.

Sports professionals use self-hypnosis to achieve peak performance. It is also used in industry to improve sales performance by boosting self esteem of sales professionals.

Self-hypnosis can be used to improve any area of your life

Once you master self-hypnosis you can improve your concentration, enhance control over your emotions and modify your behaviour towards reaching your goals.

You can use it to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce anxiety, get over fears and phobias, improve the quality of your sleep or to generally reduce your stress. Or maybe you want to increase your confidence or improve your relationship?

How the Live Well Practice can help

If you would like the help of a professional hypnotherapist to learn self-hypnosis skills, why not get in touch. I have been helping people improve their lives through hypnotherapy since 2010. You can email me at sam@livewellpractice.co.uk or call me on 075 222 777 22.

I also run workshops that teach people how to get into an altered state of hypnosis and how you can work with your unconscious mind.

If you would like to download my complimentary eGuide and mp3 “Accelerate your Achievements with Self Hypnosis”, click the link and enter your details.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary session, please fill in your contact details on my consultation page.


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