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The Hypnotic Gastric Band Reduces the Need for Big Portions

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Dropping pounds can often turn out to be anything but straightforward. For many people, the complex relationship between food and feelings makes sticking to diets not only hard to do, but also troublesome and disheartening. These issues might inspire research into, from time to time, radical, weight control methods. Maybe you have heard about the increasingly popular surgical treatment. This involves putting a restrictive ‘band’ around the stomach. It helps the individual feel satisfied more rapidly, reducing the volume of food they need to eat. Do you know you can achieve the very same weight management results, without having to have a surgical procedure? Even without the risks involved in having a general anaesthetic? It’s called the Hypnotic Gastric Band.

The Hypnotic Gastric Band works by making use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and a hypnotheraputic treatment. These persuade the client’s unconscious mind that they have been a recipient of a genuine gastric band. It gives all the same results as the real surgery, but in a far more cost effective way and without the risks.

Benefits associated with the Hypnotic Gastric Band over Surgery

Gastric band surgical treatment is either very expensive if you choose you go privately. If you fit the strict eligibility guidelines of the NHS, you will have to join the back of a long waiting list. Plus the fact that, regardless of which path you choose, you’ll still be up against an 80% chance of experiencing negative effects like nausea and vomiting. We also have the potential risk that the band might cause issues ultimately causing its eventual need for removal. This leads to more expense, more time spent waiting on lists, and of course more pain and discomfort.

However, the Hypnotic Gastric Band is very different. It not only costs less, but it is also absolutely safe, meaning you won’t be concerned about uncomfortable side effects or surgical complications. A hypnotherapist has the advantage over a surgeon: they can discover and address the actual cause of your weight issues, and this means you’ll not only slim down in the short term, but be capable to enjoy a fresh, more positive association with food and your body.

Precisely what is involved?

A hypnotic band will mimic the real medical procedure. When the hypnotherapist leads the client into a deeply relaxed mental state, the subconscious mind becomes more open to the power of beneficial suggestion. Though the client is in this state, they’re still conscious and will be aware of everything that goes on during the procedure. The professional hypnotherapist can then take the individual through a mimicked gastric band treatment. This happens step by step, beginning from the administration of anaesthetic and finishing with the stitching up of the fictional incision. Often the therapist uses sound and smell to increase the client’s experience.

Some hypnotherapist’s request that the individual comes back to see them a little while after the procedure. They evaluate the progression of weight reduction. They also possibly ‘adjust the band’ appropriately to either help improve or decrease the rate of weight loss.  Support until you achieve your ideal size and weight is also paramount.  Appointments can be spread out as agreed to be helpful to the client to enable them to successfully reach their goals.

It’s common for clients to reach a steady weight after the hypnotic gastric band approach. There are no side effects. When they look back, or tell others clients often say, “the steps I took were simple. I just didn’t have the battle with myself that I used to on a diet!”

How the Live Well Practice can help

My name is Samantha Culshaw-Robinson and I am a hypnotherapist. I have helped people to lose weight since 2010. If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about an introductory session, please contact me on 075 222 777 22 or email me at sam@livewellpractice.co.uk

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