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Drinking Problems Are Treatable With Hypnotherapy

Drinking Problems Are Treatable With Hypnotherapy

Drinking too much alcohol is a growing problem across the UK population. Daily headlines describe how much younger the casualties of alcohol are these days and that alcohol consumption starts at a younger age almost each year. There is a lot more information available to us on healthy consumption of alcohol, guidelines are published regularly and we are a good deal more aware of how much is too much alcohol. So when is that extra glass of wine a sign of a serious problem?

The chances are that if you are feeling worried enough start thinking about getting help, you more than likely need to speak to someone about your drinking. Alcohol problems do not mean stereotypical alcoholism or dependency. Now and then a culture at work or perhaps a social circle that involves a lot of alcohol consumption can set up an alcohol related problem. For some people, drinking a glass a night alone is too much and they want to curb this habit. For many people the weekend splurge is worrying them and they want to reduce how much they drink during those weekend binges.

You may consider that you’re not dependent physically. You might, however, be addicted on an emotional level if you rely on that six o’clock glass of wine to help you cope. Or perhaps you aren’t able to say no to another drink after a tough day at the office. Don’t let it to be a concern for you. If you are worried by your behaviour, seek help.

Hypnotherapy techniques for alcohol are something to consider if you are looking to identify and deal with the cause of your drinking. A good hypnotherapist will be completely non-judgemental and will provide a safe place to be honest about your habits.

Signs of drinking problems

However, sometimes alcohol dependence is at a far more serious level. In these cases you need to seek medical help before you limit or avoid alcohol. Suddenly refraining from all alcohol can be especially hazardous if you are physically dependent. It is never a good idea to try to give up by yourself. You may be physically hooked on alcohol if you:

  • find you cannot cut down despite drink having an undesirable effect on family, friends and health
  • increasing amounts of your free time involves enjoying alcohol
  • are anxious or cranky when you are unable to drink
  • are telling lies about how much you consume
  • start drinking alcohol in the morning

You may also notice that you start to go through withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • disturbed sleep
  • excessive sweating
  • shaking or twitching
  • vomiting in the morning

A medical professional can assist you safely manage physical indications of withdrawal if you think you could be dependent.

Hypnotherapy can assist you with long term abstinence. This allows you to produce and maintain strong subconscious and conscious thought processes once you are no longer physically addicted. This can give you the strength to maintain success.

Hypnotherapy for alcohol problems may help average drinkers, substantial drinkers and those that find themselves somewhere in between. For long lasting results you should think about seeking help and chat with a hypnotherapist right now.

Samantha Culshaw-Robinson, a qualified professional hypnotherapist from the Live Well Practice, said “hypnotherapy can help make your positive changes in drinking behaviour so much easier”.

Samantha Culshaw-Robinson is a clinical hypnotherapist who has helped dozens of clients overcome a variety of dependency related issues since 2010. To get in touch for your complimentary consultation, please phone 075 222 777 22 or email sam@livewellpractice.co.uk

If you would like to book in for a session, please fill in your contact details on my consultation page.

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