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This Christmas give the gift of relaxation

Everywhere we look, people are becoming more and more environmentally aware. And for good reason. Our planet is in dire need of less “stuff” from us.

So, why not rethink the upcoming Christmas season when it comes to gift giving. So instead of items, why not give your loved ones experiences and create long lasting happy memories.

gift voucher relaxationWith this in mind, I have created a gift voucher which entitles the recipient to a one-hour treatment of their choice to relax and renew. The session will be held at my treatment room in Carlton, Nottingham.

treatment room relaxationHere are the treatments to choose from:


During this Japanese healing technique, we work with healing energies to remove blockages that could be the cause of illness or stress in the body.

It can help with reducing stress, easing pain, helping with digestive problems and much more. It’s also extremely relaxing.

To find out more about Reiki, read my blog post Reiki – The Healing Touch.


During an hour-long session of hypnotherapy, we can work on any issue you may be facing. This could be help with stopping smoking, weight loss or we could tackle a phobia.

Blissful Relaxation

Maybe your friend is stressed out and never takes any time for themselves? Then this voucher could provide a whole hour of deep relaxation helping them to feel reenergised and refuelled. During this hour, I use soothing sounds and aromatherapy oils from “Each and Every Drop” to create the most relaxing ambience.

All three options include

  • a one-hour treatment session,
  • an mp3 to take away as well as
  • an aromatherapy roll-on from “Each and Every Drop”.

Each voucher is only £35 and is valid for 6 months from date of purchase. If you would like to buy gift vouchers for your loved ones, please pop over to my Store page.


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