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How to make Hybrid Working work

Flexible or hybrid working can be hugely beneficial for employees who generally find they’re more productive and have improved mental health. For this to happen, the right systems need to be in place. The definition of hybrid working is that between 25% and 75% of working hours are spent working from home instead of at the office. Until recently this was rare and only the most forward-thinking organisations had started to implement this kind of flexibility for their employees. Since the pandemic began, working practices changed rapidly because they had to. We couldn’t safely mix with all those other people in a working environment, so working from home became the norm for lots of people. Now that we’re slowly coming out at of the pandemic…

8 Steps to Changing Habits to Achieve Your Goals

8 Steps to Changing Habits to Achieve Your Goals

January – the time of the year when we want to improve our lives. We make resolutions, set goals, vow to change our habits only to be back at square one by the end of the month. But some people manage to keep their resolutions and meet their goals, even if they’re just a small minority. So what is their secret? The secret lies in how you go about changing habits. Most of what we do is shaped by habits that we have picked up and carried on doing subconsciously. We eat healthily or unhealthily out of habit; we exercise (or don’t) out of habit; we watch TV, get up late, smoke, snack, take the lift or the stairs, all out of habit. This means…