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6 Surprising Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

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We have all been told from an early age that getting enough sleep is important for good health and wellbeing. But what are the actual benefits of a good night’s sleep and how does sleep affect our overall health? Some of these may surprise you.

Sleep has an enormous impact on the brain

  1. Sleep helps cognition (thinking) and improved thinking is closely related to many important brain functions. Getting more sleep will improve your memory as well as your attention span. For school children and students, this means improved grades. For adults, this provides increased productivity, better decision-making ability as well as an overall improvement in efficiency throughout the day.
  2. Our emotional wellbeing relies heavily on getting enough sleep. Our mood and attitudes towards others are greatly affected if we don’t sleep well. Lack of sleep can also increase depression and anxiety. Lack of sleep also affects your emotional stability.

Enough sleep is important for physical health

  1. On a physical level, sleep regulates a variety of hormones that are responsible for our health. Getting the right amount of sleep improves your immune system and keeps chronic illnesses at bay. It reduces inflammation in the body which is a major contributor to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and premature ageing. A lack of sleep also alters how the body reacts to insulin, the hormone controlling your blood sugar levels. This can also be a contributing factor to diabetes.
  2. People who suffer from a lack of sleep are also more likely to put on weight. This is also due to hormonal imbalances. Sleep controls the hormones that trigger hunger (ghrelin) and the feeling of being full (leptin). When you don’t get the sleep you need, your ghrelin levels go up, making you feel hungrier than when you are well rested.
  3. Athletes have found that sleep can greatly improve performance. This is due to increased concentration and improved reaction time, but also through enhanced stamina.

Sleeping ensures your safety

  1. Your general safety often depends on your ability to pay attention and react quickly throughout the day. Whether you’re driving or working in a dangerous environment, lack of sleep can quickly lead to accidents that could have been avoided. Human error is often due to fatigue brought on by lack of sleep and accidents at work don’t just impact yourself but often others around you.

As you can see, sleep is incredibly important for all aspects of your everyday life. Suffering from insomnia and other sleep related issues can be extremely damaging to your health, in the long run as well as short-term. Hypnotherapy can help getting your sleep patterns back to a healthy rhythm ensuring that you get the rest that your body and mind need.

I am Samantha Culshaw-Robinson, a clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner. I have been helping clients to improve their sleeping patterns since 2010. For a free introductory session, please contact me either via email sam@livewellpractice.co.uk  or phone 075 222 777 22.

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