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10 tips to help you overcome your new job anxiety

new job anxiety

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been the “new kid” either at school or at work, every time we’ve started a new job. And it can be really scary. You don’t know anyone’s name or where anything is or who does what within the department or even the whole company. In addition to that, you’re not really sure what’s expected of you in detail. You don’t want to let anyone down. That’s when new job anxiety can hit.

But be comforted by the fact that everyone has to go through this. We’re hardwired to be anxious in new situations and new surroundings. That’s a protective reaction to make us alert and give us focus to do our best. So, it’s actually really a good thing. If you’re, however, worried that you’re way too anxious then here are a few tips that will help you get over those first few days and weeks.

1.  Do a trial run

If you’re worried that you’ll be late because you don’t know your new route to work yet, do a trial run. Make sure you do this at the same time of day you would normally travel so that the traffic conditions are similar. This way you can plan better when to leave the house in time.

2.  Get a good night’s sleep

To be in top form in your first few days go to bed at a decent hour. This way your brain is in top form to deal with the new environment and everything you need to learn in your first few days and weeks.

3.  Be friendly

You want to make a good impression on your new co-workers, that’s just natural. Simply be friendly and open. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, just say hello and start to learn people’s names. You won’t remember them all on day one, so don’t even try. It’s normal to take a few days to figure out everyone’s names and roles. Nobody expects you to be Mr or Ms Memory.

4.  Write everything down

Talking about memory – there is so much that you need to remember in the first few days. To make your life easier write everything down. Login details, whom to contact about what, anything you are expected to know. You can then refer back to your notes when the training session is over.

5.  Ask questions

And whatever you don’t know, ask questions. Don’t worry if you think you need to know something already. If you don’t, you don’t. That’s ok. You’re new. Your new boss and/or your colleagues would rather you ask a few questions than make a guess and get things wrong.

6.  Accept that you will not be perfect

Nobody is perfect. You will get things wrong. And don’t worry if you do. Everyone was new at one time or another and had to learn how to get everything right. And even when you’ve been in a job for a while, it is human to make mistakes. We all do.

7.  Remember that you’re not alone

As already mentioned a few times in this article, you are not alone. Everyone has been the new person at one time or another. Everybody knows it’s scary and you’re putting yourself under pressure to do well. It’s ok to feel this way but know that it will pass, and you will be one of the gang in no time and the next new person will come to you for advice and help.

8.  Remember why they hired you

You not only want to remember why they hired you, but also that it was YOU who got the job, not any of the other people. You are the chosen one. This is because the decision makers thought that you have what it takes to succeed in the role and you have the best qualifications for the job. They put their trust in you, so you can, too. You’ve got this!

9.  Control your body – breathe deeply and relax

This is especially important for the first day when you’re tense. Make sure that you relax your body and breath deeply. It is a lot harder to be tense when you’re relaxed, so give yourself that physical advantage.

You can relax your body by dropping your shoulders and shake out your hands and feet. Stand up straight, this makes you feel more confident. And sitting up straight is not only good for your back and shoulders (especially if you work at a computer) it will also improve your confidence.

Control your breathing by breathing deeply into your abdomen. Shallow breathing will deprive you of oxygen and increase anxiety.

10.  Have some me-time

Especially during the first couple of weeks in a new job, book in some me-time with yourself. This could be a relaxing bath, spend some time reading a good book or go and watch a movie. If you feel like properly splurging, book in for a massage.

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